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"CB's Snacker (3 Bag) & CB's Sampler (6 Bag)"

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Hey y’all, it's C.B.  I am the smiling face of Trucker Treats. I'm here to tell you about our company. 


Trucker Treats is the Nation's best seasoned pretzel company, founded in April, 2018 in Moore, Oklahoma.  Trucker Treats is a family business that is customer-centered, providing personalized service and the highest quality products.  We developed six mouth-watering flavors to choose from: The Original Kewl Ranch, Hawt Cajun, Cinnamon Toast, Dill Pickle, Bacon Cheeseburger and Candy Cane (Seasonal).  We're sure there's a flavor for you!   


Trucker Treats is proud to be an Oklahoma company, with the Oklahoma standard of service, honor and kindness incorporated into each aspect of our business. You can currently find Trucker Treats in over 150 locations and growing, but we still operate as we did when we started, with only 18 stores.  Our stores are our family, which is why we decided to stay with the DSD model and create our own distribution company, so we could maintain the same hands-on, face-to-face customer service we're known for.   


Over the past three years, Trucker Treats has experienced exponential growth through the kindness and generosity of our community and the blessings of God, the latest of which is a new 2000 sq ft distribution warehouse. Trucker Treats looks forward to expanding into the national and global markets.  This is C.B. signing off.  I'll see you on the shelves. Over and out.



Mailing Address

10601 S Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

O (405) 900-0695


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